Everyone should know the plants around. A botanical survey includes a personal plant walk with Hayden, after which he will provide you with a customized list of plants found on your property (or whatever area you would like surveyed), including their native status and general uses. These surveys are great for

  • Landowners curious about what is on their property, and the uses for the plants on their property.
  • Farms looking to explore pre-existing plants that could be brought to market, made into value-added products, or used to grow mushrooms on.
  • Developers looking to preserve plants in the place of a future development (displaced plants can offset the cost of purchasing new plants for landscaping).
  • Conservation groups looking to catalog and increase biodiversity on properties.

Botanical surveys are a great way to get the most from your property. You are sure to discover that there is a lot more to your property than meets the eye. 

Contact us to set up a botanical survey.